Terms & Conditions


“Buyer” means the person placing an order with Essex Artificial Grass
“Seller” means Essex Artificial Grass
“Quotation” means the quotation provided from the seller to the buyer
“Order” means the order placed by the buyer with Essex Artificial Grass
“Materials” means the materials supplied by Essex Artificial Grass that come direct from us. These include: geo-textile membrane, jointing tape and glue, artificial grass and nails
“Essex Artificial Grass” means Essex Artificial Grass
“Terms” means the terms and conditions of this document
“Conditions” means the terms and conditions of this document
“Contract” means the agreement between buyer and seller
“Writing” means any correspondence by buyer and seller via email
“Service” means the service provided to the buyer from the seller
“Price” means the price agreed between buyer and seller
“Working Days” means days that occur between Monday and Friday
“Delivery Address” means the address supplied by the seller to the buyer
“Courier” means the company transporting materials from seller to buyer


  1. All orders placed from the buyer with the seller are in strict agreement to the following terms in this document.
  2. It is the duty of the buyer to ensure that all information supplied in the order is accurate.
  3. No change in the order from the buyer is accepted unless agreed in writing by the seller.
  4. The buyer is responsible for all measurements supplied to the seller prior to placing an order with the seller.
  5. Essex Artificial Grass can not accept cancellations or returns on Artificial Grass that has been cut to the measurements provided by the buyer to the seller if they are inaccurate.
  6. The price provided from the seller is acceptable to the buyer for 30 days. After that, the price can be altered from the seller.
  7. The buyer must pay for the order to the full amount submitted in the quotation from the seller before any material is sent out to the delivery address.
  8. A contract comes in to place after the the funds from the seller have been received by the buyer for their order.
  9. Before materials are delivered you have the following rights to cancel your order (made to measure Artificial Grass can not be refunded after an order has been placed):
    1. You may cancel your order within three working days after the order has been placed. We will confirm the cancellation in writing.
    2. If the materials have already been dispatched to your delivery address within this time frame then the order will not be cancelled until the materials are collected by courier. If the materials need to be collected from a courier then an additional delivery charge will be liable to the buyer. The seller will deduct this amount from the refund.
  10. The seller will use a third party courier to delivery materials to the seller.
  11. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, materials will be delivered to the delivery address outlined in the order.
  12. The buyer must be at the delivery address to accept the order and assist offloading goods.
  13. Unless agreed in writing prior to the couriers arrival, all materials are to be offloaded at the front of the delivery address. It is the buyers duty to move the materials to where they deem fit.
  14. Should the buyer not be present as agreed on the couriers arrival, the materials will be deemed to have been delivered and the risk of materials pass directly to the buyer.
  15. The seller reserves the right to delay the date of the buyer receiving their materials in the event of the following being out of the sellers control: logistical and vehicular problems for the courier, weather restrictions, acts of god, acts of war, acts of terrorism, labour disputes.
  16. Due to the weight of artificial grass and how it is wrapped for transit, creases can be present when the artificial grass is first rolled out. Creases should fall out after three months of receiving an installation from one of our approved installers.
  17. Artificial Grass can flatten and curl dependent on the stress the buyer puts on the material. This is not deemed as a product fault.
  18. Artificial Grass is designed to be installed with near invisible joins. If near invisible joins are not achieved during installation, this is not deemed as a product fault.
  19. Artificial Grass can vary in colour when produced in different batches. In any one order, the seller will ensure that the buyer receives artificial grass from the same batch. However, should the buyer purchase more Artificial Grass from the seller at a later date, we cannot guarantee that the product will be from the same batch and therefore, may vary in colour. Any variation in colour between pieces from different batches will not be deemed as a product fault.
  20. The seller can provide the buyer with contact information for our approved installer network should you seek a professional installation. However, these companies are third parties and any contract that you agree with them will be strictly between the both of you. We accept no liability for the acts of third parties.
  21. Please refer to the Ten-Year Guarantee Document for full terms in regards to the buyers guarantee.
    All images supplied in our literature both online and offline are for illustrative purposes only. Your materials may vary in colour slightly from the images shown in our literature.